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About Porch4Pets

About Porch4Pets

Have you ever seen indoor cats (or other pets) look out of a window for an extended period of time? Have you ever wondered what that pet was thinking? If you were to guess what they were thinking; that guess would probably be "I want to go outside!", right?

We began a quest to create a product which allows us humans to let our pets experience the outside world as often as they wish. Porch4Pets went through the design phase and several difficult design changes were made. As time went on, we experimented with different configurations of the idea we had, and designed and tested them. Eventually, the Porch4Pets came to being.

Porch4Pets is absolutely unique (try to find anything like it anywhere). Our pets are VERY happy with it. The pets whose humans we have given Porch4Pets to are happy as well! We will be releasing the videos and stories soon.

We will continue to improve Porch4Pets when we find improvements, but it is fantastic right now. We welcome ideas for improvement from anyone and everyone! Do not be afraid to suggest improvements. If we use your improvement, we will give all the credit to you if you are the first person who gave that suggestion.

We live in a world of social media and Porch4Pets has a presence across most of it. We can be reached via social media and email. We certainly believe that all of you who purchase Porch4Pets will have happy pets! Porch4Pets is very simple to install and use, but if you questions or problems; PLEASE reach out to us. Happiness all around is so awesome!

Thank you for your interest, and enjoy...


From the beginning, we at Porch4Pets had one mission with a few goals.
Our goals were to:

· Bring the outside world to indoor pets safely so that they can have more happiness
· Contribute to charities who actually help animals
· Be as environmentally friendly as possible
· Offer an affordable, customizable, easy to use product
· Offer a product that lasts a very long time and possibly never needs to be replaced

We tried to accomplish all of the above goals as best as we could. We hope that every last pet who uses Porch4Pets loves it! We hope that every human who installs Porch4Pets installs it correctly so that their pets are safe (some people can install pre-release models of Porch4Pets safely in less than a minute).

Our Charities

We donate $5.00 US from each purchase of Porch4Pets to the following charities. We have given links to the charities themselves and we have given their ratings from CharityNavigator. Visit CharityNavigator to learn about them. They provide an awesome service.

Here are the charities:

Charity Charity Navigator Rating
Anti Cruelty Society - Rating
American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) - Rating
Humane Society of the United States - Rating
Humane Society International - Rating
World Wildlife Fund Inc. - Rating

Porch4Pets Address

We are online only!

Open time

Social Media and emails are 24/7 and we will try to keep up with it all. See our links below!